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Our Staff
Dr Anne Dale (Clinical Psychologist): Dr Anne Dale is a Clinical Psychologist who is registered with AHPRA. She is a mature-aged therapist and has practiced as a psychologist for 22 years – 17 years of these were in South Africa, and 5 years in Australia. Before practicing as a psychologist, she taught for 15 years in South African schools. She has trained consistently over the 22years in practice and completed her PhD while in practice in 2004. She trained with a group of professional Psychologists for 15 years in the Tavistock model under Tavistock accredited supervisors in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She is trained in Educational, Infant and mother, Child, Adolescent, Family, Couple, and Individual psychotherapy and enjoys the diverse and varied nature of working on the developmental timeline. In addition to therapy, she lectured part-time and supervised University of KwaZulu Natal Masters and Intern students and professional psychologists for several years.
Her areas of interest and experience are as follows:
□ Individual therapy for Depression and Anxiety, PTSD, Adjustment difficulties and other Mental health problems
□ Supportive therapy
□ Child assessment and therapy
□ Adolescent interventions □ Couple and family therapy
□ Career assessment
□ Self-esteem and confidence development.
Sonette Sudweeks (Clinical Psychologist): Sonette Sudweeks is a Clinical Psychologist, who trained and studied in South Africa, and has practiced primarily at Joondalup Health Campus for the past 8 years. She has AHPRA registration, and has broad psychiatric interests. She provides assessment and psychotherapy across many age groups and modalities. She will provide individual and group psychotherapy. Dr Jason Brown (Clinical Psychologist): Dr Jason Brown has a special interest in adults suffering with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. He will be developing group therapy interventions for this purpose.
□ Focussed Psychological Strategies □ Problem solving
□ Home management (budgeting, cooking, etc) □ Goal setting
□ Vocational or pre-vocational skills □ Social skills □ Relaxation/Mindfulness skills □ Stress management □ Leisure planning/recreation □ Community integration
□ Anxiety management □ Coping skills □ Managing moods and emotions □ Relapse prevention
□ Lifestyle redesign (health and fitness) □ Sleep hygiene
□ Interpersonal skills (communication and assertion) □ Time management
□ Distress tolerance □ Smoking cessation
□ Activity scheduling (routine and structure) □ Graded exposure □ Activity pacing □ Remotivation
□ Carer support □ Personal recovery journey
□ Self-care (personal hygiene, showering, etc) □ Chronic Pain Management
□ Prescription of aids and equipment □ Energy conservation
□ Functional assessment □ Cognitive screening
Helen Drinkwater (Mental Health Nurse)
Helen is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Registered Mental Health Nurse with 30 years experience within the nursing profession in public and private mental health settings in areas of Acute Adult, Rehabilitation, Community, Emergency - General and Mental Health Tracy Westworth (Mental Health Nurse)
Tracy is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse with over 30 years experience in all aspects of mental health nursing including Forensic, Community, Acute adult, Emergency Mental Health. How to access support from a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse
Dr Melvill Smith is registered with Medicare as an Eligible Organisation under The Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP) Elizabeth Earnshaw (Social Worker) Liz is a locally trained, qualified and practicing social worker. She has extensive experience in mental health social work, having provided intervention and support to patients at Joondalup health Campus for over 10 years. She is a qualified hypnotherapist, and a pastoral counsellor. She plans to provide individual therapy and hypnotherapy and group therapy. She will also provide social work related and pastoral counselling (e.g. access to financial support, Centrelink eligibility and processes community reintegration etc.)
Dr Peter Melvill-Smith (Psychiatrist): Dr Peter Melvill-Smith is a well-respected Consultant Psychiatrist experienced in General Adult Psychiatry, Youth Psychiatry and Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.
Dr Melvill-Smith’s consultancy has special focus on affective, anxiety, psychotic, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, peripartum and comorbid disorders, and in the provision of insurance and workers’ compensation related assessments and reports. He currently also serves as Consultant Psychiatrist at the Mental Health Unit in Joondalup, providing acute in-patient psychiatric care with a multidisciplinary team approach in the assessment and management of psychiatric patients.
Dr Melvill-Smith has trained and worked in the mental health field for many years in a variety of clinical and academic settings in South Africa, Canada and Australia. He has previously consulted at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Science at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital as Departmental Head, and Acting Area Director.
Additionally, Dr Melvill-Smith has consistently provided supervision and teaching for medical students and Psychiatric Registrars. He is a senior clinical lecturer in the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Western Australia, and Clinical Examiner for RANZCP written and clinical examinations. He is also currently appointed to several RANZCP Committees including the Specialist International Medical Graduate Executive Committee, WA Branch (Chair) and RANZCP Written Examinations Committee, WA Branch. He is RANZCP Substantial Comparability Pathway assessor. He is a member of the Joondalup Health Campus Human Research Ethics Committee.
Dr Melvill-Smith attends and has presented at Psychiatric Conferences and Seminars overseas and in Australia on topics relating to Bipolar disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety and Psychotic disorders. He participates in Continuing Professional Development and medical education and research.
Jason Goh (Clinical Psychologist): Jason Goh has a special interest in the anxiety and mood disorders, utilising predominantly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) interventions."
Jacintha Bell (Occupational Therapist):
Jacintha is a locally trained and qualified Occupational Therapist (Curtin University 2001). Her specialties are in adult mental health and chronic pain. Jacintha has worked at a senior level in clinical practice and in an educational role, lecturing for the School of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University. She is registered with the OT Registration Board of WA, a member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapy and an active member of Occupational Therapy Australia. Jacintha is a Registered Medicare Australia provider, including Better Access for Mental Health, Department for Veterans Affairs, and Chronic Disease Management. Jacintha provides Counselling and specific Occupational Therapy interventions, utilising modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, psycho-education, motivational interviewing, and skills acquisition in both individual and group settings. She plans to provide numerous interventions including relaxation, yoga, mindfulness and exercise based interventions and psychoeducation.
Jacintha's services are delivered in a professional, confidential, client-centred and collaborative way. Each client is involved in every aspect of the treatment process, including identifying goals and formulating treatment plans. All interventions and techniques are evidence-based, which means there is a body of evidence to support their effectiveness.
Jacintha provides Counselling and specific Occupational Therapy interventions, utilising modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, psycho-education, motivational interviewing, and skills acquisition in both individual and group settings. Helen and Tracy are planning to provide a metabolic screening and monitoring clinic on site. Credentialed Mental Health Nurses provide
□ Assessment, mental state monitoring, regular review
□ Collaboration with your Doctor to develop a care plan based on individual needs
□ Supportive nursing interventions and counseling
□ Information about your illness and how to manage symptoms
□ Medication education, monitoring and support
□ Social, recreational and vocational support
□ Referral to appropriate community resources
□ Collaboration with other health professionals and organisations involved in your treatment
□ Appointments at a venue of your choosing □ Private practitioner under the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program
□ Consultancy services, training and education □ Registered General Nurse, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse
□ Member of Australian College Of Mental Health Nurses
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